Wednesday, 22 August 2007

User acceptance of Virtual Worlds

A report by M. Fetscherin and C. Latteman that can be viewed on their website. Their results show that 90% of respondents have less than a year experience, 70% access Second Life from home and 54% with a desktop. There are 67% of respondents who are not afraid of giving personal information. Almost 60% are very likely to buy virtual goods from Second Life, and 42% are willing to use their credit card to purchase on Second Life. About 70% perceive Second Life improves collaboration and communication, and more than 60% perceive that it improves cooperation between people. 56% of respondents perceive Second life as easy to use. Finally, the results indicate that people are using Second Life not to change their identity, but rather to explore and visit new places and meet people.

The schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot

It is difficult to find documented experience on the use of SL for educating teens. The SCHOME - project delivers its final report on the OU - website. A summary of key findings and lessons learnt. A must - read for those interested in first hand experience.