Saturday, 27 March 2010

Ze Frank

Ze Frank develops interactive web toys. Loads of them are published on his main website First of all most of them are funny, hilarious and also makes you think about what really amuses us or keeps us sane. He pushes the borders of sanity with his atheist, buddhist and christian game. Not rude in any way, in my view and well made. One of my favourites is ''Meditation - flowers", which responses to your own voice. A very relaxing experience that allows you to make any sound you want and see it turn it into a majectic flower. Have a go, you will be amazed.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Farmville as an example for learning environments

Farmville is addictive and a fast way to develop RSI in a matter of weeks. So far the bad news. Zynga cashed 60 million $ from its users. No one I speak to ever spent a buck, so......some of us do in a major way. The good news is that I think we can learn a lot from the people that developed FV. We might consider to use their model of interaction in the way we organise and stimulate learning and teaching. How do they succeed in keeping us coming back to plow, to seed and to harvest, as a individual farmer and as a neighbour. What happens if we relate these activities to the learning process? Isn't that plowing, seeding and harvesting too? Take a look at the interaction - model I developed lately, maybe it gets you going!