Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter on Cedar Island

Easter Monday is cold and it snows in the garden in RL when we collect our Easter eggs. I ve created an egg in SL as well, to surprise my fellow members. It might turn into a tradition, who knows. The weather in Sl is always nice, you can illuminate your eggs and make them fly, sail or into a vehicle, wear them, give them all sizes and colours just by moving your mouse. I like them egg-shaped, lying quietly and waiting to be found.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Strength Movement

I just did some reading on the Strength Movement on their blog. Interesting development that promotes another way of looking at your child. Always take the bright side of life: look at strength, rather than weaknesses. My kids went to a an innovative school, that looked at all aspects of development: emotional, cognitive, social and cultural but also could have done with this spirit. They have developed into fine kids and still learning. A promising trend that has an equivalent in my country: New Learning. A buzzword that nevertheless holds an excellent ideal, similar to the Strength movement.

Strengthen Movement Island 193/98/23

This beautiful dome is the result of the activities of the people on Strength Movement Island. Later today at 12.00 noon SLT there will be a Q&A with Jennifer Fox, the author of "Your Child's Strengths" and the curriculum behind The Island's design. Some of the promises do not work, I had loved to take the balloon tour but it didn't work for me.