Friday, 14 January 2011

Angel in Immersiva

This beautiful angel towers above a scattered landscape. Nothing refers to real life in a sense that there is an idea that everything is logically conneted. I am sure it is and that makes it exciting and me curious.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Open Wonderland

Many institutes migrate from SL (commercial) to a full blown alternative OpenWonderland. Money is the issue here, as there are drawbacks too. SL services all and in a professional way. If you move to DIY open source environment you get all the Sh.. that the entrepreneurs encounter on a daily basis and learning process towards 99.999% uptime. I have not seen examples of calculating the cost of DIY in education and probably they will not come as we are not used to calculate our costs in our 'business'. Still a good thing we have a choice.


I walked the web since 1994, professionally and with great pleasure. Still amazed by its richness and development so far. Stumbled upon Merlot, the University of Oregons' virtual campus through a new connection on LinkedIn. The campus shows a magnificent learning model around virtual safaris in nicely visualized settings. They also show some awesome 'cutting edge' designs on blended learning environments on linked webpages The development since early days in 1994 in integrating materials and means is immense and unexpected, as this one on Geoscience shows you.