Thursday, 19 February 2009

Montclair State CHSS 74/180/22

AJ brooks took us around his university and showed us what his students do in SL. It was grand to see how students made presentations in their rooms on the subjects they studied on and how they use SL as a mean to meet and discuss. Another interesting experience was the way we were toured around. We were tailing AJ as a bundle of young ducks. We never ever were more than a few feet away and followed every one of his movements. Good show, have a glimpse yourself.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Augmented Reality 38/84/37

First sign of Spring in Augmented Reality Island. Augmented Reality is one of the 4 types of virtual worlds, according to's model. It is an interesting domain with lots of astonishing possibilities. Recently I spotted a video on Youtube in which a SL Avatar appeared in a real-world room. Filled to the roof with ICT - equipment, just to mark the development-status at the moment. With a pair of dedicated glassed on your nose you can expect me to walk in any moment. Or the guys from StarTrek.

Pot au feu

These guys were having fun when I passed them. Sitting behind their own desk at home or anywhere else with some privacy they enjoyed their smoke. By the sound of their voices it was a European lot that used SL to meet and socialise. Not a bad idea at all, allthough many would not approve this use of a public sandbox.

CNWL 118/182/77

MJB Hax, from College of North West London is working on the development of tools for learning in SL. He constructed a ruler that allows student to read out and report on their progress in measuring correctly. This may seem trivial, but remember that the skill to use a ruler is fundamental to many technical competencies. He has many more ideas on adressing other basic skills in numeracy and literacy in SL. He is btw also the first person I met that had his avatar name on his business - card in RL. Good show all together.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Could not resist it.

Allthough I recently said that flying a plane, heli, or driving a car or any other vehicle is silly, I could not resist a try of the heli I keep in my inventory. This storage of notecards, landmarks, contacts and innumereous object is a troublesome partner in SL. It is not easy to maintain some form of organisation apart from the one LLab provides. Every now and then I start organising and filling the bin, but overtime I see the need for a rehearsal of that unpleasant work. Still, its almost impossible to throw this beauty away.

Tintable Suspenders!!!

Wearing suspenders has been my 'trademark' since the early Eighties.There is hardly a day I do not have them clipped to my trousers, be it short, long, jeans or tailormade. All my theatersuits have braces too. So you can imagine that my first transaction in XStreet has been, ..........yes! A pair of braces, and Tintable. L$20,- maybe a bargain or not, I am very pleased them and I hope you like them too. I wonder how much the sixpack will be?

XStreet Exchange/107/85/27

XStreet is a partner or part of LindenLab. The sitebanner says it is an official part of Second Life. You will find terminals validate your Xstreet account everywhere in-world. The combination enables you to buy stuff when logged in SL as well as on the webbased marketplace. I stayed with a terminal for quite a while and saw many people integrate both accounts. I just bought myself a set of suspenders in XStreet. I can change them in any colour I like. Seems to me that the economies of SL and RL are almost one system. The system is robust and solid. It would be a fine thing if other marketplaces make this merge too.