Sunday, 13 May 2007

CU Soon 12/345/67

CU Soon is a lovely place in SL for a nice stay. It provides sun, sand and sea and therefore an excellent hide for kids like me. Unfortunately I am unable to provide you with the correct SLurl this time, but I am sure you will forgive me.

Terra Incognita 185/87/29

The Resource Centre for Action Learning gives acces to facilities and resources for learning. At the time I arrived the action - thermometer did not reach the boiling point but no doubt it will during the week as the centre looks very hospitable.

Saturday, 12 May 2007


I like spreadsheets, to work and to play with and was thrilled when I saw K12 kids using one to work out their profit for a Xmas - sale. I often wondered why educators hesitate to use them in numeracy in my country. Croquet, an alternative for Sl, shows a 3d - one on their information pages.

SUN Collaborative Environments

One of the top players in ICT has built is own 3d collaborative workspace. SUN's Collaborative Environments project is aimed at improving the experience of distributed workers. The project manager didn't hesitate to admit that they were 'inspired' by SL. Who is next? Wanna know all and watch their video's?

Friday, 11 May 2007

Virtual Worlds

Since we have been able to sail explorers have wondered what else there was behind the Great Water and the Sun. Is there more than this? Are there other worlds? Endeavour brought us to new worlds to explore. First hand experiences from other travellers is always a good start.


I read/scan on a daily basis the output of the Sl listservers for educators and researchers and many of my trips are or will be a result of that. The content is abundant and sometimes very redundant. The added-value is clear to me and the service is great. Its complete contents for educators so far can be found here. A similar service is available for researchers and the teens grid.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Quaker 154/5/32

Didn't think of it before but SL could mean a lot when used to get acquainted with other religions. We can use every help here at the moment, and, when I come to think about it, for donkey's years. Isn't a society of friends a good start in this quest? Read here, if you want to know more. They do not take much effort in pimping the room, so that's ok.

Knightsbridge 227/20/0

London is a bit smaller in SL than in RL, but has in some way its atmosphere. Flying through the streets is a sensation you will not have in the real place for a start. The Tube is fun and brings you from one station to the other. A good first immersion trip for our SE -students.


My father told me some time ago that it was best to work with quality tools. Life can become much more fun it you stumble upon something that looks 'likely effective'. It has to be proven yet, but I will use this gadget for some time before judging

Iukekin Island 171/223/358

Lehigh Carbon Community College is blessed with at least one remarkable teacher. You can register for on line colleges on literature, starting May 15 in Sl. Genius behind this is daredevil Beth (striking resemblance between SL and RL appearance, she only died her hair :-) Fortunately not all is highly innovative, but I wander if future generations will recognise the subject of this image.

TovaDok II 165/104/21

Fort Malaya was a Dutch stronghold in one of our former colonies Indonesia. I am not very proud of that period in our history. This location in SL must give you some idea of that world ages ago. It gives excellent written information on the spot and shows a fine collection of old maps en drawings.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Themiskyra 69/237/36

Most of us are fascinated by the culture of Ancient Egypt. Its art, its mysteries, the artefacts frequently exposed all over the world, the impact it has had on our culture and behaviour, etcetera, etcetera. But what does it mean to wander through that world. That and more can be experienced in this beautiful environment in SL

Monday, 7 May 2007

Eduisland II 123/18/23

The C.A.V.E ( Center for Advanced Virtual Education) is, or wants to become the hangout for excellent EdTechies. The morning hour does not seem the toptime for meeting peers in the business, but the space they created is nice and inspirational. Kathy Schrock's website is linked, but is she too? The chair on the roof gives a nice view on the neighbours on Eduisland II. Read more here if you like.

Chilbo 48/126/120

Best Practices in Education in SL will give more insight in the added value of SL for teaching, learning and research. The virtual conference will take place in several locations in-world and will start on May 25 2007. Everything you want to know but never dare to ask can be found on their website: