Monday, 7 May 2007

Eduisland II 123/18/23

The C.A.V.E ( Center for Advanced Virtual Education) is, or wants to become the hangout for excellent EdTechies. The morning hour does not seem the toptime for meeting peers in the business, but the space they created is nice and inspirational. Kathy Schrock's website is linked, but is she too? The chair on the roof gives a nice view on the neighbours on Eduisland II. Read more here if you like.


Kevin said...

Hello Joop! I found your wonderful blog the other day thanks to my friend and colleague Victoria Gloucester. I see you just ran into David Warlick, who told you about the facility you pictured above. I would love to tell you more about it personally, please add me to your friends list (I am KJ Hax) and we will meet sometime. For more about the C.A.V.E. and the people behind it (not just me), please visit my blog posting, here. While you are there, please browse the other writings too, I would love your comments. Please keep up the great work!

Kevin Jarrett (KJ Hax)
Walden University

Kathy Schrock said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your post...I do have a house on Eduisland II, but, due to my real life job, I usually can only be present in the evenings (US EST 8-10pm) although, with prior planning, I can show up earlier in the day.

I have lots of resources available at my house that can be accessed even when I am not in-world. Please feel free to visit the house.

I am planning some upcoming presentations, which will be announced through my group "K-12 Educators" so please join that SL group if you are interested in hearing about upcoming events and other SL items of interest.

Please add me as a friend (Kathy Dryburgh) so we can make arrangements to meet up at some point.

Kathy Schrock