Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Swedish Institute 176/164/29

The contrast could not be more fantastic. Just left a place that wants us to feel the 17th Century in Holland. Next a painting in the Swedish Institute: The Cloud. Timeless, not related to a place and as real as anything beyond your proverbial backyard. One of the best things to do in SL is visiting cultural events like this. Widen your horizon! Have a go!

Spinoza Wetlands 230/47/22

I have plans to continue my little tours in Second Life. What better to start nearby. Spinoza aims to replicate the Dutch cultural climate of the 17th Century. Good idea and well supported by the buildings and atmosphere here. This image could well have been painted in that era. A painters' view, but what about about real life: the wars, the political murders, the tulip bulb mania. Does this remind you of something?