Saturday, 17 March 2007

Lessons for SL

How to get cheated in Second Life:

1. Pay money directly to somebody you don't know. (This works in Times Square, too)
2. Buy from somebody who has been in Second Life only a few days. You can find that info on the person's profile. Don't embarass them by asking how they found such good deals after just a few days inworld.
3. Buy from somebody with no place of business. That way you won't be able to find them again if you are not happy with the deal.

If you want a less interesting buying experience:

1. Buy from a vending machine in an established place of business.
2. Look up the person who owns the vendor in search>people. How long has the person been in SL?
3. Send out an IM to a large group you belong to. Ask for advice about the person and the deal. (If you don't belong to a group, join one. Sledu, eLumenata, and SeconfLife Hobos are open enrollment ands will welcome you.)
4. Offer a friendship link to anyone trying to sell you something. Ask them to TP you to their home for further discussion. If they actually take you some place, check to see that the land belongs to to person you are talking to.

Written by Thinkerer Melville

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