Friday, 30 March 2007

Vincent van Gogh 36/221/66

Vincent van Gogh was born in the Netherlands and died in France. Painted in both countries. Tressis Virtual Worlds in Amsterdam opened an exhibition of his work last night at 24.00 PDT in SL. This exhibition is special as it exposes stillives, portraits and landscapes that rarely can be seen and also shows the paintings in a new and exciting way. The walls of the museum are transparent and the time zone is set to midnight, which means that you will see the paintings in a dark environment with stars behind it. Also exciting is the 3 - dimensional presentation of some of the highlights of this selection. The design of the museum itself is a thrill. Do not deny yourself to be able to say later that you were there too. Souvenir hunters will have the opportunity to buy 3-d objects related to the subject of some of the paintings. I bought a vase full of sunflowers, to be admired in my office.

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