Saturday, 17 March 2007

The Wastelands 136/106/75

This is what you get if building anything you like is rule. Lots of space for trying out building and for some reason, it remains. Normally all built items in a sandbox, when left behind will be returned to your lost and found. It is an interesting example and a lesson to those who contemplate a sandbox for teenagers. Exiting but, alas, also a bit of a disaster.


Alja Sulčič said...

I've just found out about your blog on the SLED mailing list and I must say it's a great idea and resource.

I have just one suggestion to make: it'd be really useful if you added a SLurl for each location you describe, because I find it so much easier to access SL places if I can just click on a link on the web :)

Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading your blog!

Steven said...

I'm quite surprised at your reaction to the Wastelands...considering many of the same folks that created Nexus Prime, Saigo City, Suffigium, etc have a hand in shaping the experience of the Wastelands.

Comparing it to the mind-numbing mediocrity of junk and left-behind builds that you'll find in a sandbox is far too dismissive. I'd encourage you to visit again.

Although it may be grim and scrappy and a far cry from any futurist utopia, everything has very particular intentions. I'll argue that you'll find some of the best builds, textures, and customized avatars in SL right in the Wastelands regardless of whether or not you agree with the theme.

Joop van Schie (Joop Zuhal, Swain 116/60/105 ) said...


I am sorry if I offended you in anyway, my mission is to bring light in dark places. I am probably not the only one that would show this emotion here, it might help if you told visitors something about it or leave a box for reactions and/or questions. But again, no offense meant and if you give me a better text I will post that.