Thursday, 21 June 2007

Rumour has it

I spent a few weeks on holiday and missed all the fun in SL. Had a good time though. More research revealed to me what everybody knew already. I can put my brand new headset aside and keep chatting for a while. A disillusion. Enfin, second life goes on.

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Jan Jacobs said...

Joop your still my hero!

Your findings regarding SL for learning: I agree completely! Most of the solutions we saw where trials to make a (poor)virtual copy of the real world (classrooms and so on)and delivering an fun, but not easy way to get to ordinary docs, ppt's, pdf's, mp3, mwv's ,....
SL is a great place to have unexpected encounters en admire wonderful designs, but its is in my opinion not yet fit for learning. Voice enabling will not change that.

Thank you foor sharing your journey experiences!