Thursday, 14 June 2007

Woodbury University 142/54/2

Visiting the Liberal Arts Campus it was not easy to find people or purpose of this location. Once I fell in a hole in the ground I came in touch with 3 Avatars holding hand puppets and having a somewhat cryptic communication. This section of the university gives access to people from all over the world to express themselves and thus created a cultural sandbox, rather than a technical one. Lots of visitors seem to like this spot as it is frequently visited by many SL residents with a weak spot for culture. I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of fellow puppeteers too.


u2katrina said...

The SL Herald recently posted about the strange happenings on Woodbury U's island:

Jordan said...

Thanks for the write-up Joop! Yes you are indeed correct that it is a sandbox for e-culture. You'll find many memes from the world of the internet here, and its citizens happily living within it. I invite anybody interested in this sort of thing to stop by. I'm sorry I was not able to give you a more detailed tour. Perhaps next time!

-Tizzers Foxchase (me in the picture)