Monday, 1 October 2007

'What is the perceived added value of Second Life for education?"

As a follow - up to the Aggiornamento II - project the Dutch Ministry of Education, more specific her agent Kennisnet (, the national educational portal for K16 and vocational education) has asked me to investigate the perceived added value of Second Life for education by interviewing educators and researchers within the SL - community.

In the absence of any formal or certain evidence that the use of Second Life will be totally effective within the current teaching/learning system, we assume that educational users will judge its likely effectiveness expertly in terms of a combination of (a) SL's potential to be effective, (b) the perceived costs of achieving that potential, and the (c) perceived rewards or fringe benefits in applying that effort to achieve the potential.

To assess SL's power for learning we will use the Bernie Dodge - equation P = A x D x E. More information on this equation can be found here. I would like to invite you for this interview, preferably in - world. The interview itself will take about 30 minutes. You will obtain a transcript of your contribution to evaluate or comment and a full summary of the results in English. The transcripts will not be shared with third parties.

Please leave a note of your interest below and your SL avatar- name, I will contact you for an interview as soon as I can.

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