Friday, 15 February 2008

Mini-Conference on the results of my interviews

What is so compelling about Second Life that we would miss a RL meeting for? Why are we drawn back time and time again? Is there really an educational payoff for our explorations in-world? This event is for all those avatars who were interviewed on the perceived added value of Second Life for learning and teaching. The event will take place on Wednesday the 5th of March 2008, opening at 12.00 pm (noon) CST (Chicago) on Cedar Island, The Lodge. It will take, social venue included not more than 90 minutes.The meeting will present the summarized results of 50 interviews held with in-world educators, researchers, educational technologist and others involved in using Second Life for learning and teaching. During this conference we will also ask you to reflect on the research results and give recommendations for best practice educational activities. The plenary and the discussion group conversations will be recorded and will be made available to you shortly after the conference. The event is open to all, but as there is limited space avatars inteviewed come first.

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