Monday, 16 March 2009


Does this look like a school to you? It probably does not. And they do not intend to either! It is Kaospilot, a thrilling and succesful initiative in Aarhus sometime ago already. There is a location in my country too. It is all about learning and new ways to do so. The first core principle is playfulness! Read more about other principles on their pages, but start here. Lots of people talk about 21st century learning. They make serious business of it. I would love to see them start using 3d virtual worlds to work in, as you can imagine.

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Henrique Vedana said...

Hi Joop! I'm a 3rd year student in Aarhus and indeed, this place is a value-based Education, big time. Lots of improve of course but still quite remarkable. You should meet Peter and Martin down in Rotterdam. Awesome people there as well. And perhaps you could help the Kaospilots to join the virtual world... (honestly, the school is not very high-tech-oriented ;-))